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WP Power Start Reviews and Bonus by Mark Slater

WP Power Start review

WP Power Start is amazing product

WP Power Start enables you to setup a WordPress Site in under one minute with just a few mouse clicks. WP Power Start will save you so much time, You will wonder how you ever got by without it! WP Power Start will get your WordPress websites up and running in super fast time.

Do you want to setup WordPress Sites quickly? Of course you do! So stop wasting your valuable time doing all the repetitive tasks when setting up a new WordPress website… and let WP Power Start do all that mind numbing work for you quickly and easily. We have been building WordPress websites since 2011… and there is nothing is more frustrating than doing all those repetitive tasks in WordPress. This is why we created WP Power Start. Since creating WP Power Start we can now create and get a WordPress website setup in minutes… so we can spend more time on the important things like the content. This is because. WP Power Start will do all the hard work for you in under one minute

WP Power Start Reviews and Bonus by Mark Slater will sold out.

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WP Power Start Reviews and Bonus by Mark Slater

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Here is just a few things that WP Power Start will do for you…

  • Change Permalinks to Post Name for SEO benefits
  • Turn Off Comments and Email Notifications
  • Organize uploads into flat folder
  • Delete the Sample Page/Post/Comment
  • Remove the default Widgets
  • Add multiple Pages in one go: About Us, Affiliate Disclosure, Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Anti Spam Policy, Contact Us, DCMA, Earnings Disclaimer & Privacy Policy
  • Create multiple Categories quickly and easily in one go
  • Install/Delete multiple Plugins in one step
  • Add your favorite website analytics
  • Update the Site Title, Tagline & Admin E-mail Address
  • Set the Timezone, Date Format & Time Format
  • Change the Front page displays
  • Plus much more…

WP Power Start BONUSES

Fast Action Bonus #1 – Private Facebook Group

Here your will be able to discuss our Plugins and Products, get real feedback about Internet Marketing, see our product reviews and get early information on our upcoming Plugins & Products.

Fast Action Bonus #2 –WordPress Plugin List

This is a list of all the WordPress Plugins that all the top Webmasters use to build out there WordPress websites. We will provide you with all the links to these Plugins so you can easily just Cut & Paste the list directly into WP Turbo Setup, and have all these Plugins installed in seconds. 

Fast Action Bonus #3 – WP Cloak Links

With WP Cloak Links you can cloak all of your affiliate links anywhere on your site and protect your hard earned affiliate commissions. This is done by transforming those long affiliate URL’s into links that look like a page on your site. Also improve link SEO by creating links indexable by Google, increase clickthrough rates by hiding obvious affiliate link URL’s and avoid Spam Filters when sending out your links to your lists. Value: $17

Fast Action Bonus #4 – eBook/Software Cover Creator

Create professional quality cover images in minutes with just a few clicks of a mouse. There is 12 different cover styles to choose from including: eBooks, Software Boxes, DVD’s, CD’s and more. Value: $17

WP Power Start FAQ :

Q. Are there any Upsells or OTOs?

Yes… We do have some additional Plugins that we will offer you after your purchase. They are completely optional but we want to make sure you also get to see some of our other great Plugins.

Q. What type of websites can I use this on?

You can use this Plugin on any self hosted WordPress website.

Q. Is this Plugin easy to use?

Yes… This Plugin is very easy to use. We have created a training video to step you through the options, plus there is also online help within the Plugin itself.

Q. How do I install this Plugin?

This Plugin is installed the same as any other WordPress Plugin via the WordPress Admin.

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WP Power Start Reviews and Bonus by Mark Slater

WP Power Start Review

WP Power Start is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this WP Power Start does a great job. WP Power Start is a huge time saver and will save you money WP Power Start bonus

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