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Video Profit Net Review and Bonus by Derek Allen – evergreen strategy video marketing

Video Profit Net review

Video Profit Net is amazing product

Video Profit Net is a step-by-step documentation of the exact strategy that I use to profit from my videos without relying on the “major players” of search or social media. Inside the members area you will learn: The 4 Steps, yes just 4 steps, to set up a campaign and crush it with video marketing. As soon as you learn these 4 simple steps you’ll have the potential to crush it too with these easy to set up video campaigns without the headache of dealing with Youtube, Google, Troll comments or any of that other stuff you probably already know about. Video Profit Net – The NO Google, NO Youtube, NO Facebook Way To Get Tons of Highly Targeted Traffic To Your Videos By Getting Influential People TO Spread Your Video Like Wildfire.

If you were to figure this strategy out on your own (like I did) it would cost you at least $4,000 in research time and countless hours of trial and error. And even if you were to spend that kind of money and time to figure this out, there are no guarantees that you’ll be able to refine it into an easy to follow process like I’m showing you in the training. Plus, the value that the very few people I’ve taught this too have gotten out of this has been crazy. How nice would it be to be able to use this strategy to drive traffic to your videos knowing that you can rely on this over and over? How nice would it be to get paid to do this every time? What kind of value would that add to your business? To your life? To your family’s lives?

Video Profit Net Review and Bonus by Derek Allen – evergreen strategy video marketing will sold out.

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Video Profit Net Review and Bonus by Derek Allen – evergreen strategy video marketing

Video Profit Net ReviewMore Video

The Major Problems Most Video Marketers Face:

1) You think that Youtube is the only site out there to upload your videos. There are hundreds of sites that will accept your video, but most people only tell you to upload it to Youtube.
2) You think that the only place to get traffic is Google Or Facebook. Most people say to get your video ranked and share it on Facebook, this won’t result in the maximum amount of traffic possible. And traffic means sales!
3) You spend way too much time creating the “perfect” video. This is a big misconception because some of the most successful videos I’ve seen online were dog ugly. If you pump out a quick video, it may be ugly but can still get results.
4) You’re under the impression that you need to SEO all of your videos. The reality is that while SEO is good, free traffic is good, you don’t always need to use SEO on your videos or endure the long wait associated with it. There are quicker ways to get your video seen.
5) You ignore the hidden traffic getting goldmines. Most people only talk about the one or two places to get traffic. Nobody ever tells you about the other goldmines that our out there because they want to hoard these sources all to themselves.

I’ve refined the process down to where:

  • You don’t need Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Or anything like that. In fact, you host the video on your own site so you have complete and full control. Curious yet?
  • NO SEO REQUIRED! You may be wondering how you’re going to get traffic if you don’t need SEO. You’ll see. Hint: You don’t use Facebook ads either.
  • There’s no splitting your money with vendors and no need to become an affiliate. You keep 100% of the money you make.
  • No building other people’s list. YOU build YOUR list… but not just any list, you build a list of proven buyers which is worth far more.
  • No waiting days or weeks for traffic. As soon as you’re ready all you have to do is flip the switch and here comes the traffic. This is the biggest secret traffic source I’ve ever found.

Video Profit Net Inside

  • Step 1: Research Done Differently
    You’ll learn a crazy simple way to research for your niche AND the products to promote with your video. We won’t be dealing with keywords, competition, and you don’t need any crazy tools. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve never seen a research video done this way. This will save you a ton of time.
  • Step 2: The “Crusher” Set Up
    Here you will learn how to set up the nucleus of the whole system to get the most sales possible. We cover video set up, site set up, and we dive a little deeper into how to make the most money from your new buyers list. Best part… in some cases you don’t even have to create your own video. In 1000/0 of the cases, you will never need to create your own site.
  • Step 3: The New Traffic Goldmine
    This is the secret sauce. The traffic source I’ll reveal inside I’ve never seen or heard anyone else talk about accept for the members inside my small circle. It only take just a few minutes to set it up, push a few buttons and wait for the targeted traffic to arrive. You’ll learn hot to get some of the most influential people in your niche to spread your video like wildfire.
  • Step 4: The Next Steps
    In reality I could’ve said there were only 3 steps to this strategy. So in step number 4 I talk a little bit about what to do after you’ve ran your first campaign. I’ll admit – this is the boring stuff, but you need to know it.

Video Profit Net Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: The Weekend Cash Machine
    Sometimes the weekends can be a slow time for sales… even if you have an email list. But it doesn’t have to be. Inside of The Weekend Cash Machine you are going to learn how to take an existing product (can be PLR) and turn it into your very own product that you will put up for sale on the weekend and make sales from using “flash sales”. This works incredibly well and is something you can use each and every weekend if need be.
  • Bonus 2: The 31 Day Video Challenge
    I challenge you! Yes, you. If you accept this challenge you will be forced to create 30 videos, promoting 30 different products, in just 30 days. This is a full exercise designed to get you into a routine of doing something to propel your business forward everyday. And at the end you’ll have made a lot more commissions (that will keep coming in) than you did before.
  • Bonus 3: V.S.L. Templates X 2
    Writing a winning sales video script can be hard work, and quite frankly, extremely time consuming. I want to help ease out both of those restrictions. As a free bonus I am going to provide you with 2 video sales letter templates to help aide you in writing you next high converting video sales letter. These are the exact scripts I use when I sit down to write. They are easy to follow in a say this, say that manner that anyone can follow. I’m also going to include the walkthrough videos for each so you know WHY they work.

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Video Profit Net Review and Bonus by Derek Allen – evergreen strategy video marketing

Video Profit Net Review

Video Profit Net is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Video Profit Net does a great job. Video Profit Net is a huge time saver and will save you money Video Profit Net review

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