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Monkey Playr Review and Bonus by Promote Labs Inc – how to Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog

Monkey Playr review

Monkey Playr is amazing product

Most Website Owners Use Standard YouTube Embed Codes On Their Sites And ALL Of Them Are Missing Out On Essential Marketing Functionality As A Result! With Monkey Playr You Can Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog With All The Cool (And Usually Premium Paid) Marketing Features Offered By The Big Video Hosting Companies. YouTube is great… But for us marketers, the standard embedded video players lack some essential, key features we need and adding them ‘as is’ to your sales pages, landing pages or even your blog posts looks a little unprofessional. It’s called MonkeyPlayr and if you’ve recently been tempted to ditch YouTube for a paid video hosting solution like Wistia or Vimeo it’s going to save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year in fees!

If you use video in your business then you’ve probably looked at video hosting services like Vimeo & Wistia – It pays to look professional right? But the cost is a shocker isn’t it! The reality is paid video hosting is expensive – Some months (with popular videos) hosting fees on Wistia can run into thousands of dollars – Which is all fine and dandy if it’s a sales video and you’re raking in the cash on a launch. But what about member videos, training, content, branding vids etc. When there’s no direct link to revenue and you suddenly have a lot of people turn up to watch, it can eat a HUGE HOLE into your budget real fast. I’ve experienced it myself as have many readers who asked about alternatives.

Monkey Playr Review and Bonus by Promote Labs Inc – how to Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog will sold out.

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Monkey Playr Review and Bonus by Promote Labs Inc – how to Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog

Monkey Playr ReviewMore Video


    Use MonkeyPlayr to set the video’s start and end times – Show visitors the whole video or just a specific section that you want them to see.
    Great for sales letters & opt-in pages where your conversion rates are key! MonkeyPlayr lets you automatically start ANY video playing instantly.
    Want a simple, clean and unbranded player? Then just select the ‘Modest Branding’ option which removes the YouTube logo from the player.
    With Monkey Playr you can choose to loop the playback of any video or video playlist. (You can also choose to disable related videos if needed)
    Serve any video on your site with the added extra security of HTTPS (great for payment/cart pages) and force 720/1080 HD so all videos look great.


Monkey Playr is the ideal solution for: Sales Videos (VSLs), Training/Explainer Videos, Product Showcases & Demos, Affiliate Review Videos, Blog Content Videos… In fact ANY video you need to put on your website! Just copy the Monkey Playr code snippet and add it to any page (including WordPress posts and pages).

  • EDIT PLAYERS CENTRALLY – Once you’ve created a player and added it to your site you can then control everything from your central dashboard – You can even update all your players remotely across multiple sites.
  • FOR HTML & WORDPRESS – You can use Monkey Playr on any website including HTML & PHP sites. Our smart script snippets also work on WordPress which makes adding videos to posts or pages easy.
  • EASY *NOTHING* TO CODE OR INSTALL – Because Monkey Playr is a web based service (SaaS) you don’t have to waste time with messy installs or fret about modifying or editing any confusing code. It’s fast, smart and simple!
  • SAVE WITH ZERO VIDEO HOSTING FEES – Why spend potentially thousands of dollars or be controlled with limited viewers with paid video hosting when you can harness the amazing power of YouTube which is 100% free and reliable.
  • YOUTUBE OR YOUR OWN MP4 VIDEOS – While Monkey Playr was primarily designed to enhance the playback of YouTube videos, you can also use the self hosted .MP4 option to play ANY video that you like (just enter the video link)


Boost Sales Conversions And Visitor Engagement With Autoplaying VSLs With MonkeyPlayr All It Takes Is One Click (no complicated coding)


  • In addition to YouTube videos you can also use Monkey Playr with your own self hosted .MP4 video files (stored on your web server or in the cloud with services like Amazon S3.)
  • Monkey Playr is a web-based application, that means you don’t need to download or install any complicated scripts or plugins or worry about integrations.
  • You can create players at anytime from any browser, you can even edit existing players on the fly without touching the player codes embedded on your site(s).


Simply Choose Which Section Of A Video You Want Your Viewers To See


  • Want to send a video viewer to a specific page or link after they’ve finished watching your video? Now you can, just set the redirect URL in the player dashboard and at the end of the video the viewer will automatically be redirected.
  • URL Redirect is a great way to work around low click conversions and underperforming CTA’s – It’s also the perfect solution for affiliates and product vendors who want to send viewers to a special offer or promoted product link after watching the video.


    Join right now and you will benefit from the super low, one time fee – No hidden costs and with a full lifetime account.
    We’ve got big plans for ongoing development of the MonkeyPlayr and you’ll get them all 100% FREE with your account!
    Paid video hosts charge based on the number of views your videos receive, we think that’s crazy – No viewing limits!
    You’ll love using the software on all your websites – You can! We will never limit how many players you create.
    MonkeyPlayr is easy to use, but should you need any assistance we offer friendly chat support right inside the software.


  • Is MonkeyPlayr Compliant With YouTube’s Terms And Conditions?
    “Yes! Monkeyplayr is 100% compliant with all of YouTube’s terms & conditions – we love YouTube and stick to the rules!”
  • Can I Use MonkeyPlayr With All Of My Websites & WordPress Blogs?
    “Yes! You can… MonkeyPlayr will work on any regular website or blog and you get unlimited players without restrictions!”
  • Why Use MonkeyPlayr? Why Not Just Use The Standard YouTube Embeds?
    “In a word… Flexibility… With MonkeyPlayr you can have much (much) more control over how the videos look, act & function”
  • Why MonkeyPlayr Over A Paid Hosting Solution?
    “We’re not asking you to choose between our player and a paid video hosting service – but if you’d prefer to keep your money in your pocket (at least some of the time) then why not use both & lower your bills?”
  • Why Use MonkeyPlayr Over A Regular WordPress Plugin?
    “Central control and on the fly editing without having to ever touch your pages again would be a big reason… And our players go everywhere so you can use them on regular sites + WordPress blogs”
  • Can MonkeyPlayr Create Truly Responsive Players?
    “Yes! We can – how freakin cool is that!!! You can set the exact, fixed dimensions or choose ‘responsive’ and your player will fit wherever it’s put – perfect for tricky spots and mobile/tablet browsers”

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Monkey Playr Review and Bonus by Promote Labs Inc – how to Add Any Video From YouTube or Amazon S3 To Your Website Or Blog

Monkey Playr Review

Monkey Playr is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Monkey Playr does a great job. Monkey Playr is a huge time saver and will save you money Monkey Playr review

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