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Content Rocket Reviews and Bonus by Deepak

Content Rocket review

Content Rocket is amazing product

WPEnhance Content Rocket is a WordPress plugin that solves the biggest challenge of creating unique, user engaging content. Unlike the thousands of content spinners out there, Content Rocket creates content without spinning or rearranging paragraphs. Yes, You read that right. Content generation without spinning text.

No matter what topic, it requires some research to provide fresh material each time. As Google and your audience hates spun content, I’m sure you will be burning $$$ every month to churn out high quality content. But what about quantity? You can get high quantity of posts cheaper, but face it, the writer use some spinning tool, rearrange sentences and deliver. Content Rocket solves the biggest challenge of getting human readable content in minutes on almost any niche. Especially it creates unlimited content in 80+ languages.

Content Rocket Reviews and Bonus by Deepak will sold out.

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Content Rocket Reviews and Bonus by Deepak

Content Rocket ReviewMore Video

Content Rocket Features :

  • No Setup Fee & No contracts
  • Add content via keywords
  • Add content via Manual YouTube URL entry
  • Select up to 50 video content per process
  • Unlimited video search
  • Select Single/All videos per page
  • 80+ Languages support
  • Translate any video language
  • Add YouTube video to post
  • Add content to post
  • Add/Remove YouTube Source display
  • Publish immediately/Save as Draft
  • Drip feed
  • Add post to custom blog category
  • Use video title as blog post title
  • Content Alignment
  • Bold keywords
  • Read more tag
  • Post featured image
  • Log content creation

Content Rocket Upgrade :

Upgrade #1 – Power Edition

All the features of Content Rocket Elite version plus

  • Duplicate content detection and removal
  • Automatic affiliate links for keywords
  • Inbuilt Content Spinner with over 200,000 words vocabulary

Power Edition takes the game to the next level by fully automating Content creation, duplicate content detection and removal, Automatic affiliate links for preferred keywords and automatic social media sharing.

Upgrade #2 – Developer Edition

Developer license to help web developers/Digital Marketers to install and configure Content Rocket in their client’s websites. Massive Bonus deals to attract the developer community.

Upgrade #3 – Reseller Edition

Reseller license to help Internet Marketers without technical background to get associated with WPEnhance brand and sell Content Rocket to their subscribers and also access to future plugins prior to mainstream release

Content Rocket FAQ :

Where can i use the plugin effectively?
Wherever high quality content is required – PBNs, Adsense Sites, Money sites, Web 2.0, blogs, Local language sites, Ebooks, Article writing business on fiverr, iWriter etc.

How many content can I generate through this plugin?
Unlimited Content in almost 80+ languages on any niche

Is content Rocket better than the Article rewriting / Spinning tools available in the market?
Definitely a Big Yes!! Content Rocket doesn’t spin or scrap articles. It extracts text from YouTube subtitles thereby producing Readable, High Quality content based on the keywords you enter.

There are very less videos in my local language. Can I still be able to create thousands of content?
Yes, You can use any video available for your keyword and translate it to your local language.

How long does it take to setup the plugin on my website?
You’ll get complete guidance from our Support team. It usually takes just a few clicks to complete the setup.

Do I need to own a website to generate content?
Yes. You need to own a wordpress based website for the plugin to work.

Is it safe to use the content from YouTube?
The content is provided by Google via their API for web publishers to improve the user experience. Obviously it’s safe.

Why only few videos are displayed within the tool for some keywords?
This plugin extracts videos that have Subtitles and Creative Commons license.

Will these content be indexed by Google?
Yes. The content along with embedded YouTube video helps with quick indexing

Can this plugin fully automate content generation for me?
It depends on your usage intent. The content might need minor edits such as adding punctuation, removing spaces, removing words such as “Hey! welcome to my YouTube channel” etc. Editing a 3000 word content won’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes. That’s a direct saving of $30 for the time spent if you have outsourced it to a writer.

Why should I try this plugin?
Any topic requires some research. Especially when you outsource it to a writer, they charge $5 to $10 for 1000 words content which is a fair price considering the amount of time it takes to arrive the content angle. However, using this plugin you save major research time as it generates content in a flash on almost any topic based on availability.

Download Content Rocket :

Content Rocket Reviews and Bonus by Deepak

Content Rocket Review

Content Rocket is the best software on the market right now (as far as I know). However overall this Content Rocket does a great job. Content Rocket is a huge time saver and will save you money Content Rocket bonus

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